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Charles Arluna

Digital Marketing Freelancer

Charles is a full service digital marketing freelancer with over two decades experience bringing businesses to new heights throughout the United States of America.

Do You Want Your Brand To Have Greater Reach?

Brand Design & Strategy

Crafting iconic identities and strategic visions that elevate your brand, ensuring it not only stands out but also stands for something memorable.

Social Media

Boosting your online presence with engaging content and innovative strategies that connect, convert, and create conversations.

Audience Analytics

Unlock the power of data to understand your audience better, making every decision informed and every strategy impactful.


Elevating your visibility online with targeted SEO strategies that drive traffic, improve rankings, and boost your digital footprint.


Crafting words that captivate, convince, and convert, turning your messages into unforgettable stories that resonate and inspire action.

Team Training

Empowering your team with the skills and knowledge to excel, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a competitive edge in your field.

Web Development

Building sleek, scalable websites that captivate and engage, propelling your digital presence into the future with cutting-edge technology.

Email Marketing

Maximizing your reach with personalized, powerful email campaigns that engage audiences and drive meaningful connections and conversions.

SEO Solutions Charles Arluna

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Success Stories

SEO Solutions Charles Arluna

“Selecting Charles for my digital marketing needs has been the best decision for my dental practice, not only generating a substantial increase in revenue but also filling our schedule for months ahead with new and returning patients.”

Dr. Michael Koumas, DDS.

General Dentist

SEO Solutions Charles Arluna

We wanted to publish all of our survival guides, tips and tricks but we had no platform to do so.  We reached out to Charles and within a week our site was magnificantly designed, developed and up and running.  He even recorded us a tutorial on how to post our articles!

Tara Whitam

Owner of Upstate Survival

SEO Solutions Charles Arluna

I wanted to try dropshipping garden supplies, so I reached out to Charles to see if he could help.  Not only did he build me an awesome website, but he integrated plugins that make it 1000 times easier to upload new products straight to my store.  I couldn’t be happier!

Bob Harolds

Owner of My Garden Supply

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